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So I made a new friend tonight and I just… wow they’re so cool! I’ve got this song running around in my mind. Perhaps I haven’t fallen for them, but in a platonic sense for now, this applies ^-^

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image ”You have returned, why wouldn’t I be here~?” she giggled, “I just thought I’d pay you a little visit~”

"So are ye here ta spew more blasphemy, or are ye here ta try’n wiggle yer way inta my pants again?"

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I secretly have a crush on you.... Guess who I am..

I’m guessing this is OOC because of the lack of quotation marks.

I have no idea who you are, but I can tell you that there are /plenty/ of better people to have a crush on than me.

Also, are you the same person that was talking to me on my Nevan blog about the same thing a while ago?



”Hello, my amusing Priest~”

"Wha’h brings ye here, succubus?"

"Waell hello there!"





"I guess i’hs true when people say I’m ho’h~" Struts away to the beat of Sexy and I Know It.

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Simply STARES at the fox, narrowing his eyes.

Send ‘Chuu~’ and my muse will react to yours randomly walking up and kissing them sweetly.




things literally everyone, regardless of gender, looks good in:

  • suits
  • lacy lingerie
  • eyeliner
  • ball gowns

•battle armor


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I know this isn't on the list, but what are a few of your favorite anime/manga series? Besides Hellsing, of course.

Hm, I’m not too into anime, I’d like to be though!

I like Ouran Highschool Host Club, theres that? Most of what I like are ridiculous yaois and such, nothing serious like Hellsing or the like.

A friend got me to watch Fruit’s Basket? it was okay, I suppose. She’s trying to get me to watch Pandora Hearts as well? *shrug*

mxdonnamary replied to your post:❣ ✾◆
//I also watch bones and American Horror Story! And aww I think now I’m blushing again U//u

Bahahah yaaaassss <3 Srsly though, you’re so nice. DOn’t ever let that change. Tumblr (and the DMC fandom in general) needs more nice people like you uvu.


If you have the willpower to not reblog Smiguel.

Well then.

I salute you, amigo.


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❣ ✾◆

❣ - an unpopular opinion I have

Unpopular opinion, hm… Theres’ so many, which one to chose from? Lets see…

Oh okay so what about something not quite so controversial? I don’t feel like getting shat on today.

I’m not a big fan of Disney. Never have been. Not my jam. Not to say they aren’t awesome, just… not my thing.

✾ - tv series i love

Castle, Bones, NCIS, Witches of East End, American Horror Story, stuff like that.

◆ - my opinion of you

You, my love, are a giant sweetheart. Never change <3

❤ - tumblr user i would date
❣ - an unpopular opinion I have
★ - my personal blog url
❧ - other websites i’m on
✗ - skype
♣ - my nickname
¤ - my real name
♞ - my age
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